Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great Day!!

Yesterday we had an ultrasound and followup appt. I haven't gained anything!!!!! I am very excited about that! I am hoping that I won't gain a bunch with this pregnancy and I think that David is hoping so too. He keeps making little comments about watching what I eat and I'm not sure if that is him just being protective and supporting me or if he is really concerned with me getting as big as I did with Keagen and staying big like I did. I don't want to get really big but I also know that, that is part of pregnancy too. I am really loking forward to being able to breast feed. We got to have another ultrasound too. I have thought that this baby might be a sleeper but after yesterday I'm not quite so sure anymore. It was really neat! When she first started the ultrasound the baby was laying on its stomach with its face burried (very cute!) but then she bounced him around a little bit (I am going to call it a him/he until proven otherwise) and he decided to wake up and boy did he wake up!! He started kicking and punching the air and then he did little kickoffs-you like when you put your feet up against the side of the pool and kick off? He was doing that!!! It was so amazing! I jept watching David to see his reaction and even though I know he is scared I did see him get excited and almost wanted to cry. It was just an amazing day! Oh! and I found a changing table for $50 brand new!! and it matches our crib! I almost bought one used for $30 so I think $50 new is pretty good!

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