Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mixed Feelings

We are having a bassinet shower for Esther and so we have been getting things out of the closet in the garage to get it together. It was pretty easy to get the bassinet out but when setting it up we figured out that we were missing some parts so today I went into the closet to get the rest of it and started going through the boxes that our parents put together of Keagen's stuff after we got back from El Paso. It is kind of bitter sweet. I want to get excited and pull it all out and start setting things up but at the same time it was all bought for my son and I lovingly put it all in his room for him to come home and enjoy. It feels so wierd looking at it all again. We had Keagen set up as a sports boy and I am kind of wanting to take a different direction with this one. I don't have as many clothes as I thought. I will have to good through everything to see what I have in case people ask if I need anything but I know I will say CLOTHES!! Anywho I think I have been starting to feel the baby move especially when daddy holds my tummy!!! I can't wait to find out the gender and start buying even more =)

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