Saturday, December 5, 2009


My niece Aspen Adelle Banning was born 12-4-09 at 3:09 am (CT) weighing i at 7lbs 1oz and 19 1/2 inches long. I have been so excited and now I am getting in trouble for being excited! Out of all the people on both sides of the family (besides my mom) Alyssa has been the only one who has consistently reached out to me through everything-making sure that I am okay and if I need any questions answered. I hate the feeling of needing extra attention when it comes to my pregnancy but it is what Alyssa has given to me and we have drawn very close. In fact she is the sister that I never had. I have close friends like Becca and Esther and I am getting there with Tabitha but Alyssa hasn't given up on me and she understands David. She is willing to back me up even when things don't make sense. This is also my brother's first baby-it is very exciting to me because I see families and that special relationship that they have especially between aunts/uncles and the nieces/nephews and I have longed for that. I have tried with Rebecca and her kids but every time I turn around Melissa is there trying to take over and control the kids. It gets frustrating! I am the only Aunt that Aspen has and I intend on capitalizing on it. My brother will spoil my kids and I will spoil his. He is the only brother I have and I want to keep that relationship strong not only between us but also between our kids and us. It makes me to finally start getting excited about having our own. If Alyssa can do it after everything with Keagen, so can I!! Thanks Alyssa for being a great example!!!

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