Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24 wks

It has been a little while since I blogged on my pregnancy. Things have been going pretty good, she is moving alot more and sometimes it hurts. Sunday night I was sitting on the kitchen floor at the church cause I was cramping and she decided to kick really hard at my bladder and it hurt-it made me catch my breath. Then last night she did again and right after that it felt like she did the splits and kicked me low and high or she kicked or pushed out really fast and her head hit high and her feet hit low. Whatever is going she is moving and I would rather she be moving and it hurt than her not move at all. It is kind of frustrating to be at a standstill right now with everything. I want to buy clothes but I have got several people saying they are going to give me stuff. Also esther said that I was going to get a baby shower but I have mixed feelings about it-for one where I come from you only get the one for your first born, two-I mentioned in my other blog about being ready for it and she said that she couldn't get to it until after Feb. It makes me a little worried cause with Keagen it was all a huge secret she even had David keeping secrets from me (which I hate!) it all turned out very good great infact but very stressfull and I don't want that to happen again. So I am thinking of not planning on a shower and just go on like normal in buying stuff. I do have a registry at Walmart and Target but I don't want to expect alot from anyone. I am looking forward more and more everyday to her coming even when I am apprehensive about it. I can't wait to set up her stuff-it will make everything seem a little more real. I hope I haven't gained a binch again like I did last time but I don't feel full or hungry anymore so we will see. I have had more morning sickness lately and I need to drink lots of water. The other day I had the worse Charlie Horse ever it hurt so bad that I almost threw up but it has gotten better and I am drinking more water and Gatorade. I am trying very hard not to stress and to take my time doing things but I know that I also need to work on building up my muscles for delivery. I can't wait for her to be here!

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